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About Our Facility

The Great Lakes Chiropractic & Movement Center

 Here at the Center our mission is to provide care to the whole person.  Dr. Morey and his entire staff are dedicated to helping you achieve your optimal state of health and well-being.
There are several programs available to address your individual needs as a patient or general member. The flagship program is the Movnat™ Natural Movement training.  Everything that is alive must move and the quality of that movement reflects a current state of health.
 Ask yourself, “How well do I move?”
Be brutally honest with that answer. Can you attend to all of the activities of daily living with ease, energy to spare at the end of the day, and pain free?
Have you lost some of the pep in your step?
Could you run for your life if the need arose?
Could you carry a person your own size a short distance in order to save a life?
Could you move or fight to protect yourself or a loved one in an emergency?
We can help you answer yes to all of those questions by re-learning all of these skills (and more!). Skills that belong to all of us as humans in the fullness of health.

We also offer a full service Chiropractic care program.  Does your back ever “go out” or do you suffer from chronic nagging pains and haven’t gotten any answers? Are you overweight? Anxious?  Are you getting enough sleep?  We can help.
 If our Center does not have the answer we will help you find it and point you in the right direction!
We Offer Massage and Nutritional Therapies to help balance the physical, chemical, and emotional stresses of every day living!
We have a Martial Arts program run by TWO Master level trainers with nearly 60 years of experience between them!

You can benefit from any single program we offer here at the Great Lakes Chiropractic & Movement Center, so imagine the synergy and improvement to be found in combining programs and realizing your full and optimal state of health and vitality!
Call for an appointment or a tour today. We look forward to working with you!